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Antler Art

Faux antler pieces are so realistic that they often cost as much as the real thing.  Whether you are searching for a rustic fireplace tool set with elk antler handles, or a one-of-a-kind elk ivory jewelry piece, we have assembled the largest listing of antler artists and craftsmen who use antlers to build or carve furniture and lighting products.

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Antler furniture, art, antler chandeliers, lamps, carvings, and all types of authentic and faux rustic antler decor!

antler shed for antler furnitureWhether it is the "Wild West" or the wilds of western Georgia, few rustic decorating ideas provide the visual impact of antler furniture, carvings or magnificent antler lighting. Furnishings crafted from antlers are a "natural" for virtually any decorating theme.

Antler uses...

Antlers have been a part of rustic furniture, as structural elements, and as ornamentation since humans discovered how to use tools.  Antlers are often utilized as drawer and door pulls, tool and flatware handles, lamp finials and as tenoned cross members in chairs, tables and headboards.

Antler Art CarvingsAntler furniture enthusiasts insist that antler furnishings are one of those things that help us to address our deepest yearning to be one with nature and return to our roots.  Antlers are regularly used as a medium for intricate carvings such as this example by artist Greg Michl.  Much of the carving that used to be done on ivory and bone
is done with antlers today.

Chair crafted from deer and moose antlersFrom primitive rustic tables and chairs to intricate antler and bone carvings - we have assembled the largest list of antler decor companies online.  Furniture made with antlers, and all rustic furniture for that matter, are a small, but important element of the furniture business.  Browsing our rustic furniture directories will help you locate that special piece you've been searching for. 

Antlers - the original 'green' building product!

Like most rustic furniture, antler décor evolved as a result of construction materials being close at hand.  Antlers are "shed" yearly so they are a renewable resource and their use harms no animals or the environment.  In the United States and Canada, common animal antlers used for such purposes include moose, elk, deer and caribou. In this directory you will find a listing of artists and companies that create antler products from artistic engravings, drawer and door pulls to furniture, chandeliers and lamp finials. Welcome to the preeminent directory for antler art, furniture, carvings & rustic décor made from animal sheds, bone and faux antlers.

What are sheds?

Antlers are shed in the late winter or early spring by male moose, elk and deer and this process repeats itself for the life of the animal. Prior to mating season antlers are re-grown every year.  To the best of our knowledge, all antler artisans use "sheds" to create their masterpieces. Antlers are a remarkable marvel of nature. The rate at which antlers develop (regenerates) makes them the fastest growing formation in the animal kingdom.  More about sheds...

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