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Antler Fireplace Tools w/Broom (Authentic Antlers)
Antler Fireplace Tools w/Broom (real antler)

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Learn how to add antler accents to your projects.  DIY Antler Accents!!

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Rustic antler lodge-style antler art, lighting and rustic cabin decor.

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Rustic decor & more! Lighting, bedding, log and rustic furniture, wall hangings, art, metalwork... your one stop shop for rustic decorating - Log Home Store!


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More about Tomthe chief editor of the family of Rustic Directories.  I'm really glad you stopped by.  I sincerely hope you enjoy visiting our rustic directories as much as we do in creating and maintaining them.  Everybody has their story, and if you're taking the time to read this you must want to know something of mine.  Curiosity or boredom?

Our log cabin in the woodsWe make our home in NW Montana, our little slice of Paradise.  My bride and I along with one of our three daughters share a home with our faithful Great Pyrenees dog and three cats.  Oh, and we also have every imaginable critter from squirrels and whitetail deer to bears and even an occasional mountain lion visit us regularly.

Like everyone else, I have worn many different hats in my 50+ years.  From delivering newspapers as a kid to VP of an international corporation, and along the way I was involved in a number of Internet ventures.  I have experience in sales, marketing, offline and online retailing, computer programming and corporate management.  Also, I've been building furniture and remodeling homes part-time for almost 30 years. 

My hobby is building rustic and log furniture, and that passion was the driving force behind our first project, the Rustic & Log Furniture Directory.  I was disappointed by the lack of a "good" Internet portal for rustic and log furniture (and related decor items and ideas).  Certainly, there were hundreds or thousands of websites and a few minor lists, but there were no good "specialty" sites, where one could go to get in-depth information and links to the entire industry.  An idea was beginning to hatch...

Got Net knowledge?

In 1994, I co-founded one of the first ISPs in the United States, a company called PICnet.  As a pioneer in the emerging Internet industry, we helped companies such as Frito-Lay and Virgin Records develop their company websites, but our major thrust was small businesses.  In fact, I co-wrote one of the first Internet business books to help small companies capitalize on the emerging marketing opportunities of the Internet. It was entitled...

The Complete Small Business Internet Guide

The Complete Small Business Internet GuideBack in 1998, Macmillan Publishing released our Internet business book and it received impressive reviews.  It was designed to help small businesses create, set up and maintain their Website without having to invest significant time and money in the process.  Written for those who didn't know how or where to begin.  Unfortunately, it is hopelessly out of date today.

Today I remain a practicing geek.  My company consults with other small businesses and we also maintain a number of websites on a full-time basis, including our own Rustic Directories. 

The Internet landscape is changing every day.  Unless one is intimately involved with it on a daily basis, or can afford to hire a technology staff, few small company's can take full advantage of the Net's potential.  As an example... search engines place great value on "authority sites" that link to a content-related external site.  That is one way that our directories (authority sites) help other rustic-related websites.  Having a listing in our directory increases the "value" of those sites as it relates to a web search, and the site's "PR" rating from Google. 

What makes this directory significant

Search engine robots and the algorithms they utilize to evaluate websites (for inclusion in their database) means that many of the best websites don't appear in some search engines.  Or if they do, they are buried hundreds (or thousands) of listings deep.  Why is this? 

Search engines use highly sophisticated automated technology to make a decision on a site's "worthiness" (for inclusion) by using pre-programmed conditions.  Among their criteria...

These are a few reasons why a human-edited directory is so much more valuable than any generic web search.  We have collected our data as a result of spending countless hours sifting through search engine data, city business listings, furniture directories, Yellow Pages - and of course, receiving submissions from vendors wishing to be included.  As a result...

The Rustic Directories are fast becoming the most complete listing of rustic information online - or off!

Go here for info about how advertising in our directories can benefit your business!

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